Division 1



Division 1 is for players aged 10-13 years.  Teams play games at Brewster school fields on Sunday mornings, and have one hour-long practice during the week (at a time determined by the coach).  Games begin at 9 am or 10 am and are divided into two 25-minute halves.  The play field is the full length of the Modified Field and teams play 10 v 10.

Referees will call obvious offsides.

Division 1 Curriculum

Division 1 players should learn:

  • use all surfaces of the foot to control the ball
  • “trap” lofted balls by placing foot on top of ball upon landing
  • use chest and body to keep lofted balls in play
  • pass with inside or outside of either foot
  • receive pass with the “away” foot (farthest from passer)
  • use your hand to signal which side of body to pass to
  • crossing passes should be made to the middle or top of the 18 box
  • shoot using either side of foot (accuracy) or laces (power)
  • shoot towards the side of the net (away from the keeper)
  • “mark up” with players during throw-ins and corner kicks
  • when you are the 2nd defender, look to “mark” opponents w/o the ball
  • attempt to get open for passes by making an angle from player with ball
  • shift your angle of play so that you are between center of net and the ball
  • knock down hard shots to the ground and then grab them with both arms
  • punch high shots over the crossbar