Division 3



Division 3 is for players aged 6-7 years.  Teams play games at Brewster school fields on Sunday mornings, and have one hour-long practice during the week (at a time determined by the coach).  Games begin at 9 am, 10 am, or 11 am and are divided into four 12-minute quarters.  The play field is from sideline to sideline on the JV Varsity field and teams play 6 v 6.

Referees will not call offsides and give players an extra chance on throw-ins.

Division 3 Curriculum

Division 3 players should learn to:

  • Dribble with the outside of their foot
  • change direction on dribble (90 degrees)
  • change speed of dribble from slow to fast, and fast to slow
  • pass with inside of foot
  • pass with ankle locked
  • receive pass with inside of foot
  • receive pass with “give”
  • clear the ball to the sides, not the middle
  • strike ball on center with laces (for power)
  • point toe and lock ankle when striking
  • shoot with accuracy by using the side of the foot
  • hug ball to chest with both arms (put it “in the bank”)
  • scoop ground balls with both arms
  • put ball back in play to teammate on the side, not to the center

Potential Skill Games from AYSO:

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  1. Find Number
  2. Moving Marbles
  3. Musical Balls
  4. You and Me

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