Code of Conduct

Brewster FC

Parent Code of Conduct


Character, Community, and Soccer comprise the foundation of Brewster FC. To ensure the success, enjoyment, and security of each of its young players, Brewster FC depends on its parent partners to model integrity, tolerance, and support. Therefore, all parents and guardians of Brewster FC players are required to commit to the Parent Code of Conduct. Failure to meet the standards of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action and player ineligibility.

Therefore, all player parents/guardians:

  • Will model respectful behavior toward all players, coaches, referees, and other parents, fostering supportive encouragement toward everyone directly and indirectly involved with the game and refraining from verbal criticism or abuse and overt direction during practices and games.
  • Will uphold the values essential to character building, including playing with integrity, honesty, and good sportsmanship, as well as the equal importance of learning to win and to lose with grace and intelligence.
  • Will support the instruction, leadership, and discretion of coaches and referees without interference.
  • Will commit to open communication with coaches, referees, and club leadership by using appropriate means to raise questions and concerns.
  • Will support Brewster FC and its players, as active and engaged stewards of the community.
  • Will seek to foster their players’ love of soccer.